Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Secret Restaurant Review in Miraflores | Peru Food Guide

Today is our last day of a long stay in Lima. I'm feeling kind of sad because we had a lot of fun here the past few weeks, but Im hoping I won't be back in too long. We took it easy today and went to our favourite place - the seaside of Miraflores. We wanted to have lunch, so naturally we went to Larcomar and decided on Vivaldino's. Just below is the view from our table. I think this view will be what I miss the most about Lima!

miraflores view from vivaldino
vivaldino menu
vivaldino inside

To begin with I got my favourite cocktail - mojito! It was overloaded with mint and very sweet - just the way I like it. For mains I got Black Fettuccine with mixed seafood. It had crab meat, scallops, mussels, prawns and calamari rings. It just looked so good one photo wasn't enough. The sauce was subtle, but it complemented the seafood very well.

vivaldino mojito and view
black pasta with seafood in vivaldino
black pasta with view in vivaldino

I actually wasn't planning on having dessert but then one of the waiters came over with a tray full of desserts and it looked really fun. We just pointed out what we wanted and they bought a fresh one from the fridge. I got my all time favourite - strawberry cheesecake.

cake cart in vivaldino
strawberry cheesecake in vivaldino

Before we had to leave, I decided to have a final swim in the hotel's pool. Below is the view of Miraflores from my hotels rooftop view. Honestly, I've seen much prettier skylines, but this was my home for the last few weeks so I'm gonna miss it!

miraflores skyline from my hotel

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