Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Secret Restaurant Review in Miraflores | Peru Food Guide

Today is our last day of a long stay in Lima. I'm feeling kind of sad because we had a lot of fun here the past few weeks, but Im hoping I won't be back in too long. We took it easy today and went to our favourite place - the seaside of Miraflores. We wanted to have lunch, so naturally we went to Larcomar and decided on Vivaldino's. Just below is the view from our table. I think this view will be what I miss the most about Lima!

miraflores view from vivaldino

Sunday, August 10, 2014

7 Reasons to Visit Lima the City of Kings | Things to do in Lima

When the Spaniards arrived in South America, they renamed Lima "The City of Kings". However, its original name in the native language has prevailed until today.

lima header

When people think of South America's great cities they think of Rio de Janiero and Buenos Aires. However, I think Lima is one of the undiscovered gems of South America. Lush green gardens surrounding the main square and buildings that recount the history of the city, the entire historic centre has been declared a World Heritage Site. Of course, like every city, not every aspect of the city is so golden. There are a large number of pickpocketers that operate in the area, the traffic is loud and impossible to navigate, so most tourists do prefer to book a hotel in Miraflores during their stay in Lima. Fortunately, Miraflores is not so far from the historic centre, so you can either take a cheap taxi or public transport. I've already written about a few places I really liked in the historic centre like Casa Aliaga and the Museum of Italian Art, but there is a lot more to see when you begin to wander about.