Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Essential Guanajuato Travel Guide - Discovering Mexico's City of Frogs

Guanajuato derives its name from the indigenous language to "Quanax huato", which means "hilly place of frogs".

guanajuato city of frogs


I've had an exciting few days wandering around this charming city, taking tours and sampling the local cuisine. I thought it only natural to commemorate my time here by writing a travel guide on the best things to do in Guanajuato. First things first. To get into the Guanajuato valley you must go through the Guanajuato tunnels. You can truly get lost in this compact city with its hundreds of cobblestone passages and underground tunnels. In fact, one of the most striking features of this city is the network of underground tunnels that connect Guanajuato to the outside world. Since Guanajuato is built into a valley, the only feasible mode of transport is using the tunnels built under the mountains. Everywhere you walk in the city, you will see tunnels just like this one. In fact, this one was right next door to my hotel.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mexico's Most Beautiful City? Guanajuato Day Trip From Mexico City

As I pulled back my curtains I was immediately met with the sight of brightly coloured houses tightly crammed into the mountains that surround this picturesque city.

most beatiful city in mexico

Yesterday I arrived in Guanajuato. We arrived just before sunset so we couldn't do much, but I just had to share a few photos of this magical city. Below is the outside of our hotel (beautiful, right?), and driving around all the buildings had this colonial style. This city, which is a mishmash of colours, cobblestone streets and baroque architecture, retains its old charm since it was founded as a mining city in the 1500's.