Saturday, July 26, 2014

La Rosa Nautica - Peru's Dazzling Restaurant in the Sea (A Must Visit!)

Since its conception in 1983, Lima's most romantic restaurant has been conquering the tastebuds of Peruvians and tourists alike.

la rosa nautica header

Today I visited my most favourite restaurant in Lima - La Rosa Nautica - one of the most romantic restaurants I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. The restaurant is located on a pier under the cliffs that tumble down the coast of Miraflores, giving the best oceanside views Lima has to offer.

la rosa nautica pier

But La Rosa Nautica has a lot more to offer than it's prime location. Peru's most acclaimed chefs have been working the kitchens since it's conception in 1983. Its unique ambience makes it one of the best places in Lima to host a special event - for this reason every time I am in Lima I make a point of eating here!

la rosa nautica entrance

Peru's cuisine is a cosmopolitan mix that blends new techniques and old tastes. The cuisine is international, but cooked with unique Peruvian ingredients you cannot find anywhere else such as lucuma and native potatoes.

la rosa nautica table with napkin

Pisco sours on point. I was offered a glass of wine but declined in favour of a creamy PiƱa Colada. Can't go wrong with a classic Latin American cocktail here. But it's a good idea to visit the attached bar first to get a taste of a pisco sour to die for.

la rosa nautica pina colada

For appetizers we were treated to a hot plate of mixed seafood - scallops, dim sims, fried potato and meat skewers with Huancaina and other Peruvian dipping sauces.

la rosa nautica appetizer

By the time our mains had I arrived I was already stuffed full of cocktails, bar snacks and appetizers. But I powered through. It was a French dish with a Peruvian twist - creamy potatoes, veggies and cheese on top.

la rosa nautica mains

When it was dessert time I was definitely bursting at the waist, but I decided I would squeeze in a Lucuma tart. With gooey chocolate it was so satisfying and rich.

lucuma tart

Being over the ocean we could feel the waves crashing beneath us while we feasted. Looking out the window you can see the surfers battling the waves and maybe wishing you could join them when you are done.

miraflores coastline la rosa nautica

After you finish feasting it is the perfect time to stroll back to the coast and take your time to browse the many souvenir shops that line the pier. Even though they are more expensive here than other souvenir shops the quality is grade A.

la rosa nautica souvenir shops

Elegant and cozy at the same time, its a great place for a romantic dinner or something a little more formal in a unique setting. It felt just like a picnic on the beach (minus the mess).

la rosa nautica view from cliffs

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