Monday, February 10, 2014

Guanajuato - The Most Beautiful City in Mexico?

As I pulled back my curtains I was immediately met with the sight of brightly coloured houses tightly crammed into the mountains that surround this picturesque city.

guanajuato the most beatiful city in mexico

Yesterday I arrived in Guanajuato. We arrived just before sunset so we couldn't do much, but I just had to share a few photos of this magical city. Below is the outside of our hotel (beautiful, right?), and driving around all the buildings had this colonial style. This city, which is a mishmash of colours, cobblestone streets and baroque architecture, retains its old charm since it was founded as a mining city in the 1500's.

guanajuato hotel meson de los poetas very beautiful

This is the entrance to our hotel. Our entire hotel was decorated with paintings of famous Mexican poets like this, each room with a different theme dedicated to a different poet.

guanajuato hotel staircase with paintings

I enjoyed this view this morning during breakfast from the rooftop terrace of my hotel. Imagine waking up to this sight every morning? No wonder this little city is a haven for expats.

guanajuato hotel rooftop view of city panorama
guanajuato hotel rooftop view of city panorama
guanajuato hotel rooftop view of city panorama

Anywhere you stand and look up, you can see rainbow coloured houses tumbling down the mountains. Built into a narrow valley, Guanajuato is definitely one of the steepest cities I've ever visited. I cannot wait to start exploring.

guanajuato hotel rooftop view of city panorama

Image attribution:
"TĂș dices rana. Yo digo: Guanajuato" by Eneas De Troya // CC BY 2.0 *
* changes were made to the original materials

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